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The Infonyte Persistent Document Object Model (PDOM) implements the full W3C DOM API. It is specifically tuned to exploit the Infonyte XQL engine's optimization capabilities.

The Infonyte PDOM-Engine allows the storage and retrieval of XML-documents in and from binary database files where each file represents one document. Documents are parsed once and stored in binary form, accessible to W3C DOM Level 1 operations without the overhead of parsing them first. The PDOM engine swaps XML documents between the main memory and the binary database files transparently for the application. A self-optimizing cache architecture ensures superior performance. This approach terrificly scales beyond the limitations of main memory. It forms a lightweight, flexible and often more efficient alternative to costly and heavyweight DBMS based solutions.


  • W3C DOM Level 1 API, XML documents stored in database files, transparent for the application
  • stores well formed XML documents; no additional DTD mapping etc. required
  • self contained, no additional backend storage needed
  • small footprint: database file size 30%-100% compared to textual XML, main memory usage 800K minimum, 16MB main memory recommended for ~100MB documents, ~300K jar file.
  • stores database files up to 2GB file size (~2GB-6GB textual XML data)
  • 100% Java (Java 2 Platform)


All prices in EUR, VAT excluded.
License Type Price
Infonyte-PDOM Developer 750 EUR
Infonyte-PDOM Server Runtime 1125 EUR
Infonyte-PDOM Single User Runtime 75 EUR

A Value Added Reseller (VAR) pricelist with attractive volume discount schedules is available on request.

Time limited evaluation licenses and academic licenses for educational use are available on request.

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